26 June 2015:
Accountancy Salon on Open Innovation


We invite you to a salon, jointly hosted with the Royal College of Art on Friday, 26 June, in the afternoon.

Our theme is open innovation and design-led collaboration – how can we design a world where people come first, where businesses grow their commercial opportunities while collaborating for the greater good, and government delivers services with society not just for it. The discussion will bridge open data, open platforms and open policy making with competitive, regulated, and often closed business practices. Both have value but where should the balance lie in an enlightened society?

We will also highlight services developed collaboratively by teams of finance professionals and service designers, as part of the ICAEW Open Design Studio, exploring how designers and professionals are working together to build greater trust in society and business.

Accountancy Salon is a series of occasional discussion events to provide space for an advanced debate on the complex and dynamic role of the accounting profession in contemporary society. Each session will focus on a specific theme and will feature brief talks by invited panel and an open discussion with cross-disciplinary audience.

What’s a salon?

salon2-pA salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held to entertain the curiosity and to increase the knowledge of participants through conversation. The salon was an Italian invention of the 16th century which flourished in France throughout the 17-18th century and inspired the coffehouses in England. An important place for exchanging ideas, the salon played a critical role in the emergence of the public sphere discourses.

We are creating a different space for open discussion where new ideas will be debated. The evening will feature a tour of the RCA Degree show and an opportunity to meet the service-design students, working with us. The discussion will kick start with challenges from a panel and we are inviting participants with diverse backgrounds and experiences to participate in the debate and aim to create an inspiring and thought-provoking event.



Jackie Hunter CBE

Professor Jackie Hunter joined BBSRC as Chief Executive in October 2013. Jackie has over thirty years of experience in the bioscience research sector, working across academia and industry and playing a key role in innovative collaborations and partnerships. She holds a personal chair from St George’s Hospital Medical School, which was awarded in recognition of her contribution to bioscience research.


Brett Scott

Brett Scott is a journalist, campaigner and former derivatives broker. He is the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money. He has worked with diverse groups such as Action Aid, World Development Movement, OpenOil, and MoveYourMoney UK. He has written for publications like The Guardian, New Scientist, Wired Magazine, Aeon and CNN.com, and provides commentary on financial reform and cryptocurrencies on media channels such as BBC and Arte.


Dr Sarah Teasley

Dr Sarah Teasley is Head of Programme (RCA) for the V&A/RCA programme in History of Design. Her research takes historical case studies from product, furniture and architectural design and manufacturing in Japan since the late nineteenth century to consider broader questions around design, technology and society. She is particularly interested in the roles that technical mediation and policy play in the adoption of new processes, materials and technologies, and in design as a perspective into political economy.


Indy Johar

Indy is an architect, and institution designer & developer. He co-founded a number of social ventures including Project 00, Impact Hub Westminster, Impact Hub Birmingham and the Open Venture Accelerator HubLaunchpad.net. Indy has also co-led research projects such as The Compendium for the Civic Economy, WikiHouse.cc, OpenDesk.cc.He is an Advisor to the Earth Security Initiative and a director of WikiHouse Foundation and Civic Systems Laboratory.

Here is the preliminary programme of our salon:

14:00–14:30 – Early arrival and registration (Meet at Service Design Area in the Henry Moore Gallery)

14:30–16:00 – Guided tours of the RCA Degree Show

16:00–16:30 – Late arrival and registration

16:30–18:00 – Salon Discussion

18:00–19:30 – Open space for discussions and drinks

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