Creating an expectation that audit is innovative

We are developing spaces in which innovative ideas can be cultivated and market solutions can be prototyped. Enabling organisations and individuals to collaborate in a precompetitive environment, complimentary to their commercial activities, creates opportunities for firms to grow services and to demonstrate legitimacy beyond the commercial self-interest.

Making auditors proud of what they add to society

Accounting firms are attracting bright and enthusiastic people and are investing in their development. As more professionals look for meaning and social purpose in their work, we are committed to helping companies in the hugely important task to enthuse, retain and grow talent.

Infusing creativity and scepticism at the heart of education

A growing number of universities and firms are focusing on instilling and maintaining motivation among students, to boost their commitment and intellectual rigour in the discipline of accounting as something to aspire to. We are running programmes which foster higher critical thinking skills and moral reasoning that are at the core of professional scepticism, and which develop the competence in young professionals to deal with complex decision making and larger global problems.

Winning the trust of society

Fostering stronger connections between the profession and the wider society is important to grow business opportunities for firms and for demonstrating the social purpose of the profession. We are helping accounting firms to develop creative and productive relationships with organisations across professions and civil society.