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  • BAFA 2017 Annual Conference

    We invite you to take part and contribute to an interactive discussion on Monday 10 April at 5pm that will bring together over 200 academics, business leaders and accounting practitioners. We are delighted to be working with the British Accounting and Finance Association at the 2017 Annual Conference in Edinburgh. We see this as a […]

  • Ethics by Design:
    the Storyboard

    While we are working on writing up the materials from the Ethics by Design Conference, you can download the graphic recording from the event:

  • 20 October 2016:
    Bird-eye’s View on the Profession

    As the speed of change for business and technology increases, the accountancy profession faces the challenge of remaining relevant to its full range of stakeholders. How do we humanise accountancy and what is the role of the profession in building resilient, safe, inclusive and prosperous communities? We invite you to take part in an exciting, […]

  • 14.10.2016
    Futures Salon:
    Reimagining the Firm

    On 14 October 2016, we invite you to an exclusive lunch discussion on the future of professional services firms. The event will focus on the insights from the Future Firms research project that we are running in partnership with the ShiftBase Think Tank. Over twenty accounting firms took part in workshops, interviews and surveys and […]

  • Design-thinking Workshop

    A finance director has a problem. She’s unsure what to do, and she’s asked for help. Some form of assurance might be the solution, but it doesn’t seem to fit into any standard engagement. What do you do? Design-thinking – the creative process for tackling tricky questions and finding valuable solutions – might seem a […]

  • Unchaining the blockchain

    In June 2016, we hosted an Accountancy Salon on blockchain: an open discussion on the impact of this technology on the profession and opportunities for our members. The event was part of our AuditFutures programme and was run in collaboration with ICAEW’s IT Faculty. The purpose of the Salon was to provide an overview of […]