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We are taking part in the AAA Annual Conference

28 July, 2014

We are delighted to be invited by the American Accounting Association to contribute to the 2014 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. We believe that the role of universities should be to solve global problems, to reinvigorate the accountancy profession and redefine its goals for 21st century society. We want to catalyse new conversations about the horizons […]

2 April 2014:
AuditFutures University – Cardiff

12 March, 2014

What is your highest aspiration for the future of the profession? We invite you to join a project seeking to identify what it means nowadays to be a profession; or rather what are the attributes and qualities that you want from the profession of your choosing? What are the major social challenges of the 21st century […]

Accounting academy: a bridge or just a gateway?

2 August, 2013

What is the role of education? Is it to inspire generations to learn and open their minds to unlimited opportunities? Is to help people become better members of our society? Or is it just a means for people to make more money in their careers? A simple Internet search should reveal about two million attempts […]

Naivety has left the classroom

30 July, 2013

I can still clearly remember that one class at my alma mater, University of Chicago. The one class that profoundly challenged me and inspired me to look for more than just a degree from my studies. It was an introductory class in the public policy stream but, as often happens, the teacher made all the […]

What does the future of the profession want?

6 May, 2013

The challenges of the 21st century for audit and assurance require new leadership values and organisational culture. We have developed the AuditFutures University programme to inspire students and engage them in a dialogue about the future of their profession. On 29 April we hosted our first workshop in Manchester Business School with over 60 BS, […]