We aspire to restore public trust in business and institutions and to repurpose the role of the profession as a catalyst for a better society

AuditFutures aims to inspire innovation and positive debate about the role of the audit and accounting profession by building trust-rich and prosperous societies. There are wider issues involving the public interest where accountancy cannot afford to work in isolation or generate mere technical answers. We hope to become a catalyst for change and to galvanise the profession to determine its own fate by taking responsibility and by leading the discussion on the future of society. We believe accountancy can be an exemplar for a socially minded and innovative profession.

Over the past few years, most discussions about accountancy have been dominated by the financial crisis and lack of trust. While these conversations have often been curated by institutions which claim to be representative of the public and society, we as a profession can better reconnect with real people and real economies.

AuditFutures is connecting people who normally do not talk to each other and we are engaging with a wider and more diverse group of stakeholders. By building new partnerships with civil society, we want to help build stronger national and regional professional bodies that are rooted in their cultural and economic context and lead a proactive dialogue with society.

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Accountancy Salon:
Design & Trust

It is six o’clock in the evening, on a gorgeous British summer evening. Over seventy people have flocked to the soft chairs of the sun-bathed lounge. They have all come to a sell-out event on a Friday night. Most surprisingly, the event is not taking place in the City but at the Royal College of […]

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  I wasn’t expecting to be excited when I read the report, but I found myself highlighting things and writing in the margins. It really rings true for so many things even beyond auditing.   This is how the economist Mariana Mazzucato started her keynote speech at the report launch. Mariana is a professor of […]

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20 June 2014:
AuditFutures Salon on Design & Trust

We invite you to our first AuditFutures Salon on Design and Trust, to be hosted by the Royal College of Art on 20 June in the late afternoon. This stimulating event will highlight our co-creation projects with service-designers and will consolidate the discussion on how audit and design can build trust in society. AuditFutures Salon […]