We want to reimagine the way we deliver value to society and to be innovative with our approach and the scope of our professional services.

The major challenges of society will not be fixed by processes alone – we will need new types of innovations. Young people have aspirations and want to work for companies which have values and create value themselves. To innovate and transform the profession, we need thinking that embodies empathy, bold experiments and collaboration. Fresh partnerships with wider stakeholders and fresh co-creation processes are needed that use new ways of seeing, new ways of thinking, and new ways of asking questions. This will unlock opportunities for the profession to gain public confidence and rebuild trust in society.

As a profession, we have to acknowledge that we are on a journey towards demonstrating the relevance of services to a wider range of stakeholders – including small businesses and civil society. Design-led innovation and intelligence on the fringes are fundamental to this journey. We need to bring new empathetic tools and to enable innovations where the needs are, where the new markets are, where the customers are.

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