The aim of AuditFutures is to construct a holistic view and a systemic approach to rethinking the profession. We are currently working on a number of interlocking levels to encompass the whole system – through action research, thought-leadership, and practical engagement on the ground.

Futures Salon

Futures Salon is a series of discussion events that provide a space for an advanced debate on the complex and dynamic role of the accounting profession in contemporary society. Each session focuses on a specific theme and features brief talks by an invited panel and an open discussion with a cross-disciplinary audience.

To attract a diverse group of individuals and inspire the next generation of professionals, a profession needs to capture the imagination of young by actively engaging them in debates about their future. The university can be seen as the foundation of our society, and so we have developed initiatives to promote the profession, to challenge students’ thinking and to provide opportunities for engaging academia and practice.


This design-led initiative offers multidisciplinary workshops with organisational and technological experts, facilitated by designers. Here, professionals can learn new collaborative tools, new ideas that solve social challenges can be prototyped. The Studio provides online and pop-up physical space where inspiring work-in-progress can be showcased. We believe that design thinking can help the accountancy profession in understanding issues and in creating solutions, in collaboration with communities, businesses and wider society.


This comprehensive initiative embraces a long-term vision for supporting the core of professional education through integrated seminars in accounting courses and training modules. Through developing a sound pedagogical approach and culture of inquiry-based learning, the sessions develop independent critical thinking and higher moral reasoning that help students deal with complex problems. It further challenges and proposes a new model of how knowledge could be constructed in accountancy by embedding the technical knowledge and professional skills within a wider social frame. It boosts the overall rigour of professional accounting education so that it becomes something to aspire to.


We support the accounting firms to develop and retain talent, and so we are looking to design projects for young bright professionals, to support them in building capacity and commitment to the profession. We invite people who are early on in their careers to participate in discussions and to take active leadership in shaping the future of society and their profession. In partnership with businesses, accounting firms and civil society organisations, we design and host workshops for junior professionals to capture their enthusiasm and to inspire them to take a dynamic role in driving their profession forward.