We want to have a twenty-first century accountancy profession that is vibrant and relevant, which inspires and attracts diverse talent through people who want to deliver social value.

Society needs professionals of the future to have wider sets of skills, a much broader mix of abilities, intellectual curiosity and flexibility. With our initiatives, we promote fundamental virtues and capacities to question and critically evaluate complex problems, which will enhance moral sensitivity and independence of mind. We aim to take a systemic approach in rethinking the education practices, learning approaches and competencies needed in young professionals.

One of the principal goals of AuditFutures is to generate and promote a wider wave of collaboration between academia, practice and society. Universities are the perfect places to re-think and redefine the goals of twenty-first century society and we believe that their role should be more holistic, proactive and entrepreneurial in fostering progressive and socially minded professionals.

To influence ethicality and practical wisdom in young professionals we provide a safe social environment for active discourse between academia, practice and society. We encourage students and young professionals to go beyond learning skills and knowledge and help them become more critical individuals and empathetic professionals.