Manchester Workshop on Assurance Design


A finance director has a problem. She’s unsure what to do, and she’s asked for help. Some form of assurance might be the solution, but it doesn’t seem to fit into any standard engagement.

What do you do?

Design-thinking – the creative process for tackling tricky questions and finding valuable solutions – might seem a million miles away from audit. But there are few skills more valuable for accountants and the businesses they work with. In this context, design-thinking is the wider application of design methodologies to fields, such as business processes, which are not typically known as having a need for design. It encourages cross-functional collaboration and building ideas into workable solutions quickly and cheaply. In designing services such as assurance, the focus is on person-to-person interactions that create value and meaning of service experiences.

Manchester Workshop

Join us on 12 July at HOME Manchester for an all-day workshop that will introduce you to design-thinking and service-design as applied to assurance engagements. You’ll learn how to use design thinking to approach a problem and develop a solution, and then you’ll have a chance to try out the techniques in consultation with representatives from real organisations with real life challenges. Will assurance be the answer?

The workshop will stimulate new thinking about assurance services and explore new ways of understanding and relating to business. Small groups will be formed around a number of organisations to explore their specific needs and opportunities. Our facilitation team will help each group to navigate the design process and to originate innovative and workable solutions. We believe design-thinking will help us become more intentional about solving bigger challenges and can connect us deeply with internal and external factors to transform insights into service offerings.

Outline of the day

9:00 – Coffee and Registration

9:30 – Seminar: Introduction to design-thinking and service-design

11:30 – Ethnographic discovery over lunch with business executives

13:45 – Blitz presentation of initial concepts

14:00 – Prototyping of concept development into service offerings

15:30 – Gallery show and presentation of projects

16:15 – Delivering assurance services

17:30 – Social hour