Generation Y: we audit audit

Fresh. Brilliant. Creative, Different. Challenging. Invigorating…. One after another, some sixty students, sitting in a circle, share their reflections on a workshop in just one word. In the past four hours, they have been discussing visions for the future of their profession and have built their own innovative scenarios. The energy and excitement on their […]

The Aspiration Gap

When you put the words audit and society together in one sentence you can easily go over the same old ground of the so-called ‘expectation gap’. To bring a fresh and challenging perspective to our debate, we invited Matthew Taylor, the chief executive of the Royal Society of the Arts and former chief advisor on […]

Vision for the profession in 21st century society

Reinventing the audit profession for the 21st century In partnership with the RSA, the UK’s leading multi-disciplinary think-tank for social progress, we are developing a thought-leading project on the role of audit in the 21st century. This will be the profession’s most ambitious engagement with the wider society. In order to continue to be relevant, […]