Collaborative Innovation

Disruptive forces are at work in almost any industry. Leading organizations are capable of harvesting the positive aspects of those disruptive forces and transforming them into bold and inspiring innovation. In an interconnected world, this innovation has to happen across organizational boundaries – otherwise the impact is limited and the speed of market adoption may […]

Educating responsible professionals

Through our programmes, we are looking to tackle some of the main challenges before the accountancy profession. Acting as catalysts for new thinking and fresh perspectives, we aim to inspire constructive dialogue and collaborative innovation about the role of audit and the accountancy profession in twenty-first century society. Our inquiry began with the root of […]

Accountancy and Social Design

Last year, we launched a ground-breaking partnership with the Royal Society of Art, which explored the future of our society and outlined a vision for an enlightened profession. One of the key messages from the discussion was that we cannot simply continue with the status quo – we need to have a new mindset and […]

Get out of the hotel

by Brett Scott, author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money Last year, I had the privilege of being asked to talk on the future of accounting at the World Congress of Accountants. As part of the deal, the organisers of the event put me up in a five-star hotel. […]

Claiming the public interest

by Dr Ivan Krastev, chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies and fellow of the Institute of Human Studies The emergence of the topic of transparency on the public discourse scene, has changed the role of professions who deal with transparency. Now, when the expectations for governments and companies are to be more accountable, it […]

Transforming the way we work

by Lee Bryant, co-founder of POST*SHIFT The Accounting profession has a long history from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt through Medieval Europe to Chartered status in mid-Nineteenth Century Scotland and then the formation of the ICAEW in 1880. The Institute was created as part of a drive to improve standards and build trust in the sector, […]

Roads leading from Rome

Over 300 people packed the large auditorium at Parco Dela Musica in Rome – all eager to hear more about the innovative AuditFutures programme and to listen to the discussion on the new horizons for accountancy, led by panellists with quite unexpected backgrounds and experiences. Multi-disciplinary approach is our hallmark and our panellists reflected that: […]

Accountancy Salon:
Design & Trust

It is six o’clock in the evening, on a gorgeous British summer evening. Over seventy people have flocked to the soft chairs of the sun-bathed lounge. They have all come to a sell-out event on a Friday night. Most surprisingly, the event is not taking place in the City but at the Royal College of […]

What kind of society do we want to become?

  I wasn’t expecting to be excited when I read the report, but I found myself highlighting things and writing in the margins. It really rings true for so many things even beyond auditing.   This is how the economist Mariana Mazzucato started her keynote speech at the report launch. Mariana is a professor of […]

Enlightening Professions?
A vision for the future

A vision for audit and a better society This report is a partnership between the RSA and AuditFutures. It draws on a literature review, a call out for evidence through the RSA Fellowship, semi-structured interviews and a variety of contributions from people inside and outside of the audit profession who became aware of the project. We […]