Ethical Systems Design

A collaboration with Ethical Systems, based in NYU Stern School of Business On 23rd November, we hosted a conference exploring the concept of organisational culture and what systemic approaches we can take to foster ethical culture within organisations, particularly professional service firms. This interdisciplinary conference engaged around 100 leading international academics, business leaders and accounting […]

Assurance Innovation by Design

On 7th December we hosted an Assurance Design Workshop for ICAEW members. The event is part of our Open Design Studio – a design-led incubator for new thinking and innovative ideas. We bring together a diverse group of Accountants and businesses to flex their creativity and to solve real and complex problems that create new […]

Professional ethics in a world of algorithms

Can ethics inspire the future of the professions? For centuries the learnt professions of medicine, law, teaching, architecture and accountancy have played important social role – contributing to a greater good and solving problems that are too complicated for individuals. Yet today, the role and expertise of these august professionals seem to be under threat […]

What is our role
in reaching the Goals?

In January, the UN launched one of its the most ambition initiatives – a vision for the world in 2030, articulated in seventeen sustainable development goals. This is the largest consultation ever undertaken – over 8 million people participated, 70 countries contributed, all 193 nations signed up. The Goals are a powerful story and inspiring […]

Future Firms: evolving accounting practice

The ecosystem of accounting firms was indispensable to 20th century business. Rooted deeply in the industrial age expansion of measurement, reporting, and assurance, accounting practices have enabled organisations and individuals to grow and prosper. While often invisible to the general public, accountancy firms have played a key role in fostering strong capital markets on Wall Street […]

The journey to ‘Professional’

Motivated, empathetic, ethical and creative – these are the new characteristics and competencies that leading employers seek beyond just technical knowledge. The concept of ‘job market’ does not capture the complexity and dynamics of the modern work environment, and things are not as simple as ‘supply and demand’. Many companies – from local enterprises to […]

Collaborative Innovation

Disruptive forces are at work in almost any industry. Leading organizations are capable of harvesting the positive aspects of those disruptive forces and transforming them into bold and inspiring innovation. In an interconnected world, this innovation has to happen across organizational boundaries – otherwise the impact is limited and the speed of market adoption may […]

Educating responsible professionals

Through our programmes, we are looking to tackle some of the main challenges before the accountancy profession. Acting as catalysts for new thinking and fresh perspectives, we aim to inspire constructive dialogue and collaborative innovation about the role of audit and the accountancy profession in twenty-first century society. Our inquiry began with the root of […]

Accountancy and Social Design

Last year, we launched a ground-breaking partnership with the Royal Society of Art, which explored the future of our society and outlined a vision for an enlightened profession. One of the key messages from the discussion was that we cannot simply continue with the status quo – we need to have a new mindset and […]

Get out of the hotel

by Brett Scott, author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money Last year, I had the privilege of being asked to talk on the future of accounting at the World Congress of Accountants. As part of the deal, the organisers of the event put me up in a five-star hotel. […]