Futures Salon

Imagining the new possibilities for organisations to communicate and engage

There is a flourish of activities on the corporate reporting stage. We are witnessing significant progress and improvements in the quality of timely, relevant and trustworthy reported information.

However, the rapidly evolving world of technology is transforming business, economies and societies at a pace that is unprecedented. New business models are emerging as the existing ones are being disrupted, creating significant challenges to the way information is prepared and shared with users.

We are leading a radically different initiative to develop new forward-looking ideas and to engage with broader stakeholders. This requires taking a fresh approach, radical thinking and proactive imagination. Therefore, as part of a more extensive collaboration between ICAEW and FRC, we are facilitating a discussion with young professionals to identify new possibilities for 21st century organisations.

Invitation for young professionals:

Join us on 11 December from 5pm for an interactive discussion to reimagine how organisations communicate and engage. To reserve your place, please register below.

We use the format of the Salon to create a space for the exchange of inspiring ideas and to foster critical conversations on the future of the profession. The salon was an Italian invention of the 16th century which flourished in France throughout the 17-18th century and inspired the coffeehouses in England. Salons were gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held to entertain the curiosity and to increase the knowledge of participants through conversation.

For this event, we have invited younger and diverse audience and speakers to speakers to stimulate new thinking and provoke debate:

  • Reverent Andrew Baughen, Vicar of St James Clerkenwell and Visiting Fellow of CASS Business School
  • Brett Scott, activist, independent journalist and author
  • Reema Patel, Programme Manager of RSA’s Citizens’ Economic Council