The Good Professional Project

The ambition of the project is to put a human face to the profession, with positive role models and real moral heroes. Very few stories of heroism in accounting have been recorded. Usually, client confidentiality prevents this. Heroic acts in accounting tend not to be seen. The accountant who is a good professional will not […]

Futures Salon

Imagining the new possibilities for organisations to communicate and engage There is a flourish of activities on the corporate reporting stage. We are witnessing significant progress and improvements in the quality of timely, relevant and trustworthy reported information. However, the rapidly evolving world of technology is transforming business, economies and societies at a pace that […]

Reviving Professionalism

We were invited to deliver a keynote address and run a workshop during the corporate morning of the 2017 International Vincentian Conference on Business Ethics. Our interactive session discussed the role of professionalism, prompted by international perspectives from accountancy, finance and business and insights from education and corporate initiatives. The key messages from our session were: […]

Refocusing on ethos

The finance profession has undergone a rapid period of change, and this will only accelerate. On the one hand, automation and artificial intelligence are seen as bogeymen threatening jobs – and not only manual or repetitive tasks. A 2014 Oxford University study put finance professionals at very high risk, with an over 90 per cent […]

Character Virtues in Business and Finance

We collaborated with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues (University of Birmingham) on a research project to explore what virtues and attributes are prized and upheld by ICAEW members and what they associate with the ideal professional for chartered accountants. The Virtuous Character in Business and Finance project is one of three projects of […]

Future Firms Framework

There is a build up of discussions within the profession that address the future of the accountancy firms, which particularly point to various aspects of technology, services or regulation in isolation. Instead, what we decided to do is to open up a multidimensional perspective and to facilitate a more in-depth dialogue that draws attention to the shared challenges that firms have. We […]

New ways to ‘teach’ ethics

The American Accounting Association invited us to organise a multi-disciplinary panel to explore new ideas that overcome the limits of traditional approaches to teaching ethics. We shared insights and provided practical examples for academics and practitioners who want to engage students and foster ethical behaviour in organisations. Through research and insights from leading experts, our […]

Future Professional: the Journey

A call for broader professional education For the past couple of years, the foresight initiatives developed by AuditFutures have sought to rethink important aspects of the accountancy profession in an exponentially changing world. By asking uncomfortable questions and thinking proactively ahead, our action-research work has shown to disrupt the status quo in order to develop […]

Innovation Summit:
Future of Reporting

  On 11 July, in collaboration with the FRC, we brought together over 80 participants for an innovation summit. It was  a design-led event to engage delegates in a safe and creative space to discuss how reporting could be relevant to the needs of 21st century economy and society. We saw this as a unique […]

New Horizons for Education

We are delighted to be working with the British Accounting and Finance Association at the 2017 Annual Conference in Edinburgh. We see this as a unique opportunity to engage academics and practitioners in a dialogue on the future of accounting education. Our aspiration for the conference this year was to facilitate a different conversation – […]