A question of character

As part of the Future Professional initiative of AuditFutures, we are collaborating with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues (University of Birmingham) on a research project to explore what virtues and attributes are prized and upheld by ICAEW members and what they associate with the ideal professional for chartered accountants. The Virtuous Character in Business […]

Assurance Innovation by Design

On 7th December we hosted an Assurance Design Workshop for ICAEW members. The event is part of our Open Design Studio – a design-led incubator for new thinking and innovative ideas. We bring together a diverse group of Accountants and businesses to flex their creativity and to solve real and complex problems that create new […]

Reimagining the Firm:
our report

Professional services firms have a long, and rather conservative, history that has contributed to maintaining reliable, legal and trusted business environments in which companies and other institutions can co-operate and trade freely. From Mesopotamia to Medieval Europe, Pacioli and the formalisation of double-entry bookkeeping, accounting helped people make informed decisions about business and economics, long […]

Ethical Systems Design

A collaboration with Ethical Systems, based in NYU Stern School of Business On 23rd November, we hosted a conference exploring the concept of organisational culture and what systemic approaches we can take to foster ethical culture within organisations, particularly professional service firms. This interdisciplinary conference engaged around 100 leading international academics, business leaders and accounting […]

Design-thinking workshop

A finance director has a problem. She’s unsure what to do, and she’s asked for help. Some form of assurance might be the solution, but it doesn’t seem to fit into any standard engagement. What do you do? Design-thinking – the creative process for tackling tricky questions and finding valuable solutions – might seem a […]

Ethics by design: fostering ethical culture in organisations

An international conference and workshop, organised by ICAEW AuditFutures in collaboration with Ethical Systems (based in NYU Stern School of Business) and hosted by University of Chicago Booth School of Business This interdisciplinary conference will engage leading international academics, business leaders and accounting professionals in a holistic discussion on the significant role of culture in […]

Accountancy Salon:
Future Firms

We invite you to an exclusive lunch discussion on the future of professional services firms. The event will focus on the insights from the Future Firms research project that we are running in partnership with the ShiftBase Think Tank. Over twenty accounting firms took part in workshops, interviews and surveys and we will discuss the […]

Bird’s-eye view on the profession

As the speed of change for business and technology increases, the accountancy profession faces the challenge of remaining relevant to its full range of stakeholders. How do we humanise accountancy and what is the role of the profession in building resilient, safe, inclusive and prosperous communities? We invite you to take part in an exciting, […]

Professional ethics in a world of algorithms

Can ethics inspire the future of the professions? For centuries the learnt professions of medicine, law, teaching, architecture and accountancy have played important social role – contributing to a greater good and solving problems that are too complicated for individuals. Yet today, the role and expertise of these august professionals seem to be under threat […]