New Horizons

One of our main work-streams is around proactive horizon scanning and innovative thought-leadership.

We are striving to work with others and to invite fresh and outside perspectives, while promoting entrepreneurial culture around and inclusive and participatory processes. Radical thinking and bold experimentation is needed if we focus on inspirational and game-changing innovations and less on incremental improvements,

We are leading cross-professional collaborations on a number of topics, including:

  • The Future of Reporting

    What are the new information platforms for the modern enterprise to engage with wider stakeholders and meet evolving needs?

  • Blockchain

    What are the opportunities for the profession to come together and lead the innovation in this space?

  • Augmenting Intelligence

    How can the learnt professions of law, medicine and accountancy re-imagine their role and future in a world of algorithms?

  • From pyramids to platforms

    What would the structure of the future firm look like?

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