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Manchester Workshop on Assurance Design

12 July, 2016

A finance director has a problem. She’s unsure what to do, and she’s asked for help. Some form of assurance might be the solution, but it doesn’t seem to fit into any standard engagement. What do you do? Design-thinking – the creative process for tackling tricky questions and finding valuable solutions – might seem a […]

FutureFirms Workshops

11 July, 2016

We ran some very interesting round-table discussions recently with employees and partners from major firms, and some great themes and questions are emerging, plus we got some great input and feedback relating to the future firms framework we are building. Some of the key takeaways that we have noted down from the sessions so far […]

Accountancy Salon on the blockchain

20 June, 2016

Accountancy Salon is a series of discussion events that provide a space for an advanced debate on the complex and dynamic role of the accounting profession in contemporary society. Each session focuses on a specific theme and features brief talks by an invited panel and an open discussion with a cross-disciplinary audience. The salon was […]