AuditFutures University – Manchester

Every year thousands of students consider career in audit.  We are interested in what these students think auditing should be like in the future. What role should their profession play in business and society? What institutions should have the responsibility for providing audit services and what should they look and behave like? Do we have too much or too little auditing? Could audit be doing different things? Could auditors be different people or just different in their outlook? Listening to the voices of students is essential in understanding the role of the profession in 21st century society.

What would make you proud to be in a profession?

We invite you to join a project seeking to identify what it means nowadays to be a profession; or rather what are the attributes and qualities that you want from the profession of your choosing?

Our first event of the AuditFutures University programme will be in Manchester on Monday, 29 April in the afternoon. Join the brightest students from the University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University in an open discussion with academics and professionals.

  • What are the major social challenges of the 21st century and what is most important to you?
  • What are the qualities needed for socially minded leadership in your future profession?
  • What is the role of professions, especially auditing, in rebuilding public trust in key social, business and regulatory institutions?

You can download our flyer from here: