Futures Salon


Futures Salon is a series of discussion events that provide a space for an advanced debate on the complex and dynamic role of the accounting profession in contemporary society. Each session focuses on a specific theme and features brief talks by an invited panel and an open discussion with a cross-disciplinary audience.

We held our first Futures Salon on the topic of ‘design and trust’ with the Royal College of Art. The event expanded the boundaries of our thinking and built on our work and research looking at trust, by acting as catalyst for further discussions and application of new thinking.

In 2015 we are planning to host three more Accountancy Salons on: open innovation and collaboration, risk and innovation, and professional ethics and behaviour.

Each Salon attracts a multi-disciplinary audience and we have plans to connect accountancy with the medical, engineering, and HR professions.

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26 June 2015:
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Accountancy Salon:
Design & Trust

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