We are taking part in the AAA Annual Conference


We are delighted to be invited by the American Accounting Association to contribute to the 2014 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. We believe that the role of universities should be to solve global problems, to reinvigorate the accountancy profession and redefine its goals for 21st century society.

We want to catalyse new conversations about the horizons for the profession and to inspire collaborative action. We believe that a breath of fresh air will energise our profession and will create a forum for new discussions.

Here are the sessions that we are hosting this year:

A panel discussion for the 19th Ethics Research Symposium on the evolving role of education in professional ethics.

The recent crises of confidence, along with growing social demand and the aspirations of new generations, are key factors that have contributed to a proliferation in the number of ethics courses, codes and standards. The big question is whether this is working or not. Are we really building a more ethical society and a future driven by morality?

We invite you to a challenging panel discussion with cross-disciplinary thinkers on the evolving role of education in professional ethics:

  • Walter Pavlo, Endicott College
  • Ronald Sims, Mason School of Business
  • Patrick Kelly, Providence College
  • Richard Spencer, ICAEW / The Finance Innovation Lab
  • Martin Martinoff, AuditFutures /ICAEW

Reconsidering critical thinking and moral reasoning in accounting education

A panel session for the Public Interest Section of the AAA

Economic and social pressures have forced education to become highly instrumentalised – by focusing heavily on student skills and capabilities, and less so on character, ethics and the ability to exercise professional judgment Academic institutions are often constrained by narrow curricula and the demands of the firms. Such institutional environments hinder students and professionals from critically evaluating their identity and professional role.

We invite you to a different conversation about accounting education with:

Christopher Humphrey, Manchester Business School
John Thornton, Azusa Pacific University
Richard Spencer, ICAEW / The Finance Innovation Lab
Martin Martinoff, AuditFutures /ICAEW

Innovative and global: 21st century accountancy

At-large panel session

Join us for an interactive and radically different session that will challenge our thinking in a number of directions:
How can the profession understand and adapt to the different cultural and behavioural norms which exist in an international context?
Can we innovate and transform the profession for the 21st century by embracing design-thinking that embodies empathy, bold experiments and collaboration?
How can the profession create a sea-change in practice by embracing innovation as the new standard?

Presentations and short talks by: Florian Vollmar (Chief Experience Officer at InReality), John Kahn (CFO of Brickstream Corporation), Chris Humphrey (Professor of Accounting at Manchester Business School)

Leading the 21st century profession

What does it mean to be a profession? What is that highest aspiration above and beyond the law that can be aspired to? The answer to this must incorporate a notion of acting in the interests of the public and not the self; it must be about a social purpose.

We expect our doctors, our nurses and our teachers to be driven by a sense of vocation, of serving the public; that is of more than financial return. Should we therefore ask similar of other professions; why should we not expect the same of our accountants?
During this interactive workshop with students, we will have the honor to hear Atlanta Fire Chief Kevin J. Cochran.