7 March:
Newnham College


Participant-led, interactive workshop with a multidisciplinary panel

Chance to discuss and challenge the perceptions of your place and role in society and how best to leverage your impact as a professional.

This open conversation with alumni and professionals will give you a chance to hear from a distinguished, multidisciplininary panel exploring how professionals can take individual responsibility to effect change in their organisations and the wider society.

Participants will be challenged to think about their place and role in society, in discussions on a broad range of topics, including recent shifts in what a career and employability might look like; what responsibility does professionalism carry and where are the potential ethical conflicts between career progression and driving meaningful change. This workshop will include:

  • A short presentation to ‘set the scene’, including introducing professionalism and challenging the changing role of professions in society.
  • Hearing from a multidisciplininary panel on their own ambition, what they are passionate about and what inspires them.
  • Personal reflection on the discussion and what your ambition is.
  • Small group discussion on ideas about the future from different perspectives.
  • Hearing an experts opinion on the future of work, including insights from the world of recruitment, talent management and career development.

Speakers include David Keeling, Chief Operating Officer, Bango and Qun Yang, Chief Operating Officer, Biorbyt

The workshop will be followed by a networking reception.